Miscellaneous Thoughts: Fusion owning couple changes last name to ‘Ford’, Lamborghini LM002 wagon for sale, Camaro and the middle finger

Lamborghini LM Wagon

Fusion Hybrid owning couple changes their last name to ‘Ford’: Recently married Jaime Case and Chris Hodges love their Ford Fusion so much that they changed their last name to ‘Ford.’ It all started when Jamie decided to write a blog about taking a cross-country trip with Chris before their marriage. Since a road-trip was involved, Ford jumped on the opportunity and handed them a free Fusion for Jamie to write about on her blog. Gotta love social media.

Lamborghini LM002 wagon for sale: A one-of-a-kind Lamborghini LM002 wagon is up for sale. This 7-passenger Lamborghini was originally built for the Sultan of Brunei and features a bunch of rear-seat modifications. The 449-hp Lamborghini wagon has 3,480 miles on it. – ClassicRallies (via CarScoop)

Dealer site has picture of new Camaro for sale with a man giving someone the middle finger: No idea what the story behind this is but it’s amusing nonetheless. via Jalopnik)

Chevrolet Camaro Middle Finger

– By: Kap Shah