Miscellaneous Thoughts: We want BBC’s ‘Where’s Stig’ book and your input on upgrading egmCarTech

Where's Stig

BBC’s ‘Where’s Stig?’ Book: As a kid I loved looking for Waldo; however at times I would get so pissed over not being able to find the little stripped shirt sucker that I ripped the book into pieces. Now, as a huge car fanatic, I would love spending hours looking for none other than – The Stig. BBC is selling the book on Amazon and we suggest you purchase it for your little one. – Amazon (via AutoBlog)

Upgrading egmCarTech: Yesterday, Stephen told you about how we’re working on a new egmCarTech – and by ‘new’ we mean more than just some minor visual changes. The new egmCarTech is going to more interactive, will allow you to follow us during our test-drive and reviews like never before, will have a very organized video and reviews page and much more. However, we will never sell out and move away from our blog format since that’s what our visitors have come to love expect of us. Either way, let us know if you have any suggestions or inputs on what you would like to see in the next version of egmCarTech. We promise we’re listening. On a side not, we’re not promising you anything on when you’ll see the new egmCartech in action – it could be next week, it could be two weeks from now; it all depends on how smoothly everything goes down.

– By: Omar Rana