Cash for Clunkers filing deadline moved to 8 p.m. tonight following computer glitches

If you’re one of the many dealers rushing to get your Cash for Clunkers submissions in by today’s noon deadline, relax and take a break – go have some lunch. Lucky for you, the Transportation Department just announced that it will once again extend the Cash for Clunkers filing deadline to 8 p.m. EDT tonight.

In an e-mail sent to National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), Transportation Department spokeswoman Jill Zuckman said that the Obama administration has decided to close the system to new submissions after 8 p.m. tonight, reports Automotive News.

This was the second deadline extension since last Thursday due to computer outages at DOT.

As of yesterday morning, dealers have submitted 635,186 claims for a total of $2.65 billion.

– By: Omar Rana