Miscellaneous Thoughts: National Geographic picks World’s Greatest Scenic Routes, largest U.S. Hummer dealers selling guns, study shows EV driver’s range anxiety

National Geographic - World's Most Scenic Routes

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National Geographic picks the World’s Greatest Scenic Routes: The  world’s most widely read travel magazine has picked the world’s most beautiful, interesting, and off-beat road routes. Dive in to get directions, quizzes, photos, and more. – National Geographic

Largest U.S. Hummer dealership begins selling guns: Jim Lynch Hummer, the nation’s largest Hummer dealer, has some new inventory for it customers – tactile rifles, handguns, shotguns and ammunition. Lynch said that he began realizing two years ago that he’ll have to start selling something other than Hummers to keep his stores open.  “It slowly started going down,” said Lynch. “And then with the fuel prices, sales really took a big dip. And again with the economic crisis.” – BND

Hummer Lynch

Study shows electric-vehicle driver’s range anxiety: A study conducted by Aerovironment shows that electric-vehicle drivers are not willing to travel more than half the distance shown on their range indicator. While drivers said they were confident in the range listed by the EV, they wanted to conserve the considerable amount of energy left in their vehicle. Like most gasoline powered car drivers, EV drivers are unwilling to push their battery-powered cars to the limit. – AllCarElectric

– By: Stephen Calogera