Cash for Clunkers filing deadline extended to noon Tuesday

The Department of Transportation has just extended the Cash for Clunkers filing deadline to noon tomorrow, giving dealers enough time to file rebate claims under the program amid reports of computer outages. Deadline for customers to trade in a clunker for a brand new car remains 8:00 p.m. tonight.

“Despite a large increase in the system’s capacity, the Web site was down temporarily this afternoon,” the statement said. “Because of the temporary shutdown, dealers have been given extra time to file the necessary paperwork.”

According to NADA spokesman Bailey Wood, Transportation computers have been down all morning due to anĀ “overwhelming demand” on the government computer system.

“Extending the deadline is a step in the right direction,” Wood said. “But if computer problems still exist tomorrow and dealers are unable to submit deals completed by 8 p.m. tonight, then we’re going to be back here tomorrow asking for an additional extension.”

– By: Stephen Calogera