Miscellaneous Thoughts: 16th Ferrari Enzo burns to crisp, ABC covers life of a car spy

16th Ferrari Enzo burning

16th Ferrari Enzo burns to crisp: We’ve seen many destroyed Ferrari’s in our blogging career – however, we never actually kept a record of which Ferrari and how many have went up in flames. This Ferrari Enzo you see here was destroyed in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada. According to our friends at WreckedExotics, this marks the 16th Ferrari Enzo that has been wrecked out of 399 produced. You can check out a video and more pictures over at WreckedExotics.

ABC covers the life of a car spy: We’re not huge fans of spy shots here at egmCarTech (to be honest we’d rather see a finished car in all its glory rather than covered in some hideous camouflage). However, if spy shots are something that floats your boat, you’ve probably heard the name Brenda Priddy. She is basically considered the best car spy photographer out there. ABC did a nice little piece on Brenda this past Monday. Check it out here (because ABC doesn’t allow embedding of their YouTube clips).

Brend Priddy

– By: Kap Shah