Brand Spankin’ New Images: Noble M600… now in high-res

Noble M600

We’re not fans of low-res images – at all – so you can probably understand how disappointed we were when Noble released its new M600 yesterday with a bunch of 583px x 437px images.

To satisfy our needs and your desktop wallpaper needs, Noble has finally released high-res images of the Noble M600, which will make its world debut next month at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Refresher: Power comes from a mid-mounted Volvo 4.4L V8 with two turbochargers allowing for up to 650-hp. Power is driven to the rear-wheels via a 6-speed Graziano manual gearbox. 0 to 62 mph comes in just 3.0 seconds with a top speed of more than 225 mph.

Click through for the updated high-res image gallery.

Noble M600:

Noble M600 Noble M600 Noble M600

– By: The Daily Auto Editor