Cadillac joins Lexus as brand with the most-pleased customers

2010 Cadillac SRX

According to a University of Michigan study of customer satisfaction, Cadillac and Lexus are the brands with the most-pleased customers. Cadillac, last year’s runner up to Lexus, made up the difference this year with an 89 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, released today. The industry tally was 84.

European companies are among those with the most-satisfied, followed by the Asian automakers, with Detroit’s brands placing third. In an interesting analysis, Claes Fornell of the University of Michigan said part of the Detroit 3’s higher rating comes from declining sales. Fornell pointed out that as less-satisfied customers abandon a brand, said brand is left with a much more satisfied client-base.

“This is going to be more sustainable than having a large, diversified mass of buyers, who tend to be less satisfied than the customers of competition,” he told Automotive News. “Not only is a smaller, more-satisfied customer base less difficult to grow, it is also much easier to defend against competitive inroads.”

– By: Stephen Calogera