Report: Bugatti to show four-door concept next month

We’ve been seeing leaked teaser shots of what has become to be known as the Bugatti Bordeaux – the company’s next model. According to Bugatti’s boss Dr. Franz-Josef Pfaegen, the Bordeaux is just one of the three proposals for the next model that will be unveiled in September.

AutoCar says that the concept will hint at a future four-door Bugatti. Pfaegen killed rumors that the production Bugatti sedan will be based on the newly unveiled Bugatti Mulsanne, which was launched at Pebble Beach this past weekend.

“A Bugatti saloon will have different dimensions and be a completely different concept. In fact it’s hard to find any similarities at all [with the new Bentley],” Pfaegen told Autocar. “A Bugatti is designed and developed for a total volume of not more than 150, so that allows completely different materials and technology.”

Pfaegen said that any future Bugatti model will remain very exclusive as the Veyron.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar