Acura will focus on fuel-economy rather than performance, studying hybrids

Unlike other luxury automakers that offer power coupled with ultimate-comfort, Acura will focus on fuel-economy gains for its products.

“Hitting the 2016 CAFE requirements is going to be hard,” says John Watts, senior manager of Acura product planning told Automotive News. “We are betting more in the fuel economy direction.¬†Although we are in a horsepower war, we feel that fuel economy is the way to go … while striking a balance to meet the needs of the market.”

Acura believes that even after the economy improves, customer behavior and what they are looking for is going to significantly different from what we’ve come to expect of luxury vehicles.

Watts said that Acura will take lead positions in other areas such as user-friendly technology. He said that Acura is also studying hybrid versions of its lineup.

– By: Omar Rana