Honda: The Insight does not look like the Toyota Prius

The Honda Insight has been criticized for having very close similarities to its Toyota Prius rival; however, Honda is rejecting those claims and says that it did not try to mimic the design of Toyota’s popular hybrid.

“We don’t think it looks like the Prius at all,” said Nobuki Ebisawa, managing director at Honda R&D. “There may be some similarities in the roof line, but it is clearly different.”

Ebisawa says that the Insight shares most of its design cues with Honda’s FCX Clarity and the CR-Z concept. He said similarities between the Prius and the Insight only exist in the roof-line, which maximizes aerodynamics and makes room for a hybrid system.

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid:

2010 Toyota Prius:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar