Goodies: Set the sounds of the Ferrari 458 Italia as your ringtone

While you won’t be able to hear the new Ferrari 458 Italia rev its engine until next month at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, you can satisfy your needs by downloading official 458 Italia ringtones that make the sound of the supercar every time you get a text or a phone call on your iPhone or BlackBerry.

The minisite features ringtones that make the noise of the Ferrari 458 Italia overtaking and accelerating or sounds of the supercar on the track, on board or off the mark.

You can also grab official iPhone-size Ferrari 458 Italia wallpapers while you’re there.

Click here to visit the Ferrari 458 Italia’s ministie.

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia:

Ferrari 485 Italia Ferrari 485 Italia Ferrari 485 Italia

– By: Omar Rana

Source: CNET