What is 230 and what does it have to do with GM? Take a guess

230 GM Viral Campaign

Just last week we told you about Bob Lutz’s aggressive goals to overhaul GM’s advertising, which will include using the Internet to develop viral ad campaigns. Well, here is GM’s first viral ad campaign that is taking the Web by storm. An image of the number 230, with¬†an image of an electric plug outlet as the “0,” is popping up everywhere. It also has the date 8-11, which is tomorrow.

While GM isn’t talking about the campaign or owning up to it, the folks at Advertising Age say that the fingerprints of people from Chevrolet marketing agencies are all over it.

Speculation has it that the 230 stands for the mpg rating of the upcoming Chevrolet Volt.¬†Coincidentally, GM has a media event scheduled for Aug. 11 so we’ll let you know everything as soon as we find out.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Advertising Age