Volvo working on all-electric C30 concept, no plans for production

Volvo C30 ReCharge Concept

Volvo has confirmed that it is working on an all electric-version of the C30 hatchback, which will make its debut at the Innovation for Life event held shortly after the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

“The all-electric C30 is a car we have talked about previously and formed the basis of the Recharge concept shown a few years ago,” Volvo told AutoCar. “One of the cars that will be shown at the Innovation for Life event will be an all-electric C30 and that car will be driven.”

As of right now, the all-electric C30 is just a concept. Volvo said that it has no plans to put it into production… for now.

“It is an evaluation concept,” said the source. “It’s being worked on and is part of an ongoing evaluation and we will make a decision in the future.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AutoCar