Porsche Panamera customization options keep your four-door Porsche unique

Porsche Panamera Customization Options

The 2010 Porsche Panamera is on its way to the U.S. and will be available for sale in October. If you’re considering buying one and want to customize it to keep your four-door Panamera exclusive and unique, Porsche will be offering numerous customization options.

Buyers can opt for the Yachting Mahogany interior trim, which gives the Panamera splices of wood inlays on the door panels, dashboard, steering wheel, center console, and door handles. Also available is the option to have real leather on the steering, heating vents, sun visor and the rear-view mirror.

Porsche is also offering the ability to have most of your Panamera match your exterior body color, including your keys, rear diffuser, spoiler and air intakes. Buyers can have the gearbox for the PDK transmission in aluminum, while the instrument cluster is offered with three different choices. Seat belts can be orders in Silver Grey or Indian Red.

Porsche is even offering a refrigerated compartment between the back seats to keep your champagne crisp and cooled – it actually comes with two glasses with Porsche’s logo. Speaking of Porsche’s logo, the Stuttgart automaker says that the Porsche emblem stitched into seat headrests are an “absolute must.”

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Porsche Panamera Customization Options:

Porsche Panamera Customization Options Porsche Panamera Customization Options Porsche Panamera Customization Options

– By: The Daily Auto Editor