Toyobaru 086A to become fuel-efficient, sees decrease in power

Toyabaru 086A 7Tune

Toyota’s upcoming sports car, being developed in partnership with Subaru, is on track for 2011. Known as the Toyota 086A, aka Toyobaru, the sports car is now rumored to receive a “decent power drop is on the cards in order to lower emissions and make the car more economical,” reports 7Tune.

Originally, the Toyobaru was to produce 197-hp from its 2.0L direct injection gasoline 4-cylinder engine. According to sources, Toyota and Subaru are now pressured to develop an “eco car” in Japan, hurting the performance of the upcoming sports car.

Power output has now been decreased to 157-hp; however there has been some loss in weight in order to keep a respectable power to weight ratio.

Look our for a concept version of the 086A at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: 7Tune