Bugatti Bordeaux not coming to Frankfurt, will be shown only to clients and dealers

When a grainy teaser of a new Bugatti started making its way around the Internet earlier this month, speculations began that Bugatti will be debuting a brand new four-seater model called the Bordeaux at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. What’s true is that Bugatti is working on a new model – what remains to be factual information is that the car is indeed a four-seater Bugatti or successor to the Veyron.

Whatever it is, Bugatti confirmed to The Car Connection that it is indeed preparing to reveal a new concept to its clients and dealers; however, it won’t be until a couple of years that Bugatti actually produces an official model for the auto show floors.

We have our fingers crossed and hope that some pics will leak out from the centennial celebration of the Bugatti brand. The celebration will take place in September where Bugatti will show its dealers and clients the new concept.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: TCC