Lotus city electric-car gets 30 miles on a single charge

Lotus City Electric-Car

What you’re looking at here is a new city car design created by Lotus Engineer and commissioned by Automotive Engineering Magazine. As a result, the two ended up creating a supermini Lotus electric-vehicle that is even smaller than the Toyota iQ but manages to match the car’s 3+1 layout.

Designed for urban settings and short trips, this Lotus electric-city-vehicle is powered by 100 lithium-ion cells that provide energy to a 37 kW (50-hp) motor. After being charged for 3.5 hours this Lotus mini electric-car allows you to travel 30 miles with a top speed of around 65 mph.

Only 30 miles? Well, Just make sure your destination is only 15 miles away because you’ll need the other 15 miles of battery power to get back.

By now you’re probably wondering if it handles like a Lotus and if Lotus will ever build this – and the answer to both of those questions is simply  – no.

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Lotus City Electric-Car:

Lotus City Electric-Car Lotus City Electric-Car Lotus City Electric-Car

– By: Kap Shah

Source: CAR