Chrysler looking to close 64 GEM stores

Chrysler GEM

Chrysler, owners of Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), is looking to close 64 of its franchised retail outlets due to slow sales and low demand.

The GEM electric-vehicles, which include six-passenger or utility models, are mainly used in low-speed limit neighborhoods (such as corporate campuses) or on public roads with a speed limit of less than 35 mph.

Chrysler says that their move to close isn’t because GEMs are selling poorly, but because sales are poor at specific store locations. “Many are not located in areas where GEMs do well,” a spokesperson said. Most GEM customers run private corporate fleets, but a growing number are individuals who live in planned communities where low-speed transport is a viable option.

GEM, which doesn’t publish annual sales, says it has sold 38,000 units since the company launched a decade ago.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AllCarsElectric