Miscellaneous Thoughts: BMW releases more X1 teasers, youngest Ferrari Enzo owner is 23 years old

BMW X1 Teasers

Wrapping up the month here at egmCarTech, it is our last Miscellaneous Thoughts post for June – so here we go.

BMW releases more X1 teasers: BMW has released four additional teasers for its upcoming BMW X1 on its Facebook fan page. These are the third round of teasers prior to the compact SUVs debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Are you getting sick of these as much as we are? We thought so. – Facebook

BMW X1 Teasers:

BMW X1 Teasers BMW X1 Teasers BMW X1 Teasers

Youngest Ferrari Enzo owner is only 23-years old: We’re pretty satisfied with where we’ve end up in our lives. We get to test drive some of the world’s hottest cars and are surrounded by our passion 24 hours a day. However this piece of ‘news’ has everyone here getting pretty depressed about their achievements. Yes, the youngest owner of a $1.2 million Ferrari Enzo is only 23-years old and owns a record company. He also just picked up a Rolls-Royce Phantom. – EDGE (via Jalopnik)

Ferrari Enzo Youngest Owner

Cash for Clunkers final rules coming July 23: The U.S. Transportations said it will announce the final rules for the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program on July 23 and warned dealers that they are legally responsible for trade-ins finalized before that date. The legislation was signed into law by President Barack Obama last week. – Automotive News

– By: Stephen Calogera