Report: Land Rover LRX hybrid gets the green light

Land Rover LRX

Land Rover has been talking about going ‘green’ for sometime now. The British SUV company has already taken steps to reduce fuel-consumption and CO2 output of its vehicles by adding a start/stop system to the Freelander. It will later add the fuel-saving feature across its lineup.

It was announced earlier this year that the UK government gave Land Rover a grant of £27 million ($37.2 million USD) to start production of an all-new model based on the LRX Concept. At the time Land Rover said that the production LRX will introduce new powertrain options that will enable the implementation of Land Rover”s e-terrain technologies strategy to exceed a 20 percent improvement in CO2 emissions.

According to AutoExpress, the heads at Land Rover have now greenlighted a hybrid version of the LRX that features a drive system that can run on electric only, gasoline or a combination of the two.

Sources say that the LRX Hybrid is still two-years out.

– By: Mo Eladawy

Source: AutoExpress