How to park a 2009 Nissan Cube: Follow us on Twitter and ask us questions

2009 Nissan Cube

As you already know, I’ll be driving around the 2009 Nissan Cube this week. We figure we’d use this new craze called Twitter to keep in touch with you guys while test driving and reviewing the 2009 Cube.

You can follow me @ for up-to-the-minute updates and ask me questions here or send me a tweet. We’ll be posting pics and “everythang.”

To answer questions we’ve received so far.

ravensbd5309: what kind of awkward stares you receive driving that thing?

We’ve received all kinds of stares. A five-year old girl came out of a shopping center and screamed “wow, mom that man’s car is so ugly.” Other people are very fascinated by it. I had someone driving right next to me who pulled down their window and snapped numerous pics of the car with their digital SLR camera.

Jim: What kind of real world gas mileage do you get?

We’re still messing around with the center-display to figure out how many MPGs we’re averaging – we’ll let you know shortly.

Pat: Let me know how many people you can fit in there comfortably.. and why Nissan gave you one that looks like an army mobile?

So far we have managed 5-passengers – the ones in the back were a bit uncomfortable. We had no choice on what color Nissan gave us – but it looks much better in person.

– By: Omar Rana