Miscellaneous Thoughts: Is Michael Schumacher the Stig? Homer Simpson to offer voice guidance for TomTom

Michael Schumacher

It’s the worst feeling in the world when your internet connection is down – especially for us when we’re trying to keep you updated every hour of the day with what’s going on in the automotive world. Well, we’re finally up and running again and filling you on everything you’ve missed. Moving forward – it’s time for our Miscellaneous Thoughts post for today.

Is Michael Schumacher the Stig: According to an audience member that attended the filming of Top Gear season 13, Michael Schumacher is the Stig: “I was at the top gear recording earlier on today for the first episode of the new series, and the Stig was revealed to be… Michael Schumacher!! this was very unexpected, but totally believable in the end. His full unmasking will be shown on BBC 1 on saturday at 9pm in the UK! attached are a few shots of his FXX which he was putting around the track. The rest of the episode is a interview with schumacher, a hot lap in the lliana and a race between a steam engine, a bike and a 1940’s jaguar.” Jalopnik

Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson’s voice coming to TomTom navigations: TomTom has announced that Home Simpson will now help you navigate to your favorite point of interest in North America or Europe. TomTom joined forces with Locutio Voice Technologies and Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising to bring the original voice of Homer Simpson to all TomTom navigations. TomTom users can go to www.tomtom.com/simpsons and download the voice for $12.95.

GM gets okay to cancel leases on corporate jets: The U.S. Bankruptcy Court has granted a motion by General Motors to reject leases on seven corporate jets. – CNNMoney

– By: Omar Rana