Ford drops the ‘SFE’ badging on the Ford F-150 SFE models

2009 Ford F-150 SFE

Last year, Ford introduced the 2010 Ford 150 SFE (superior fuel-economy), a competitor to GM’s Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra XFE models.

The SFE package was made available on the F-150 SuperCrew XL and XLT 4X2 trucks. With some significant modifications, the F-150 SFE returns a fuel-economy of 15/21 mpg (city/highway).

Well, Ford is now dropping the SFE label from two-wheel-drive F-150 pickups equipped with the 4.6-liter V8 ext year, but is keeping the fuel-economy rating of 15/21 mpg. Ford said it introduced the SFE package last year because fuel-economy concerns moved from tenth to third place among half-ton pickup buyers.

Ford says there are many differences between GM’S XFE models and its SFE models including its ability to tow 500 pounds more, it doesn’t require a tonneau cover to improve aerodynamics and doesn’t require the buyer to remove the front chin spoiler if they decide to go off-roading.

2009 Ford F-150 SFE:

– By: The Daily Auto Editor