Could the Tata Nano come to the U.S. through Fiat/Chrysler partnership

So it’s no secret that Tata Motors wants to sell its $1,983 Tata Nano in the United States. CEO Ratan Tata told us that the Nano has to meet “rear-crash tests” in the U.S. for which “redesigning is necessary, and will take 3 years.” It was even reported last week that the U.S. could get the Nano by 2011.

So how will the Nano come to the U.S. when Tata Motors has no presence in the U.S. whatsoever? According the New York Times, the new Fiat/Chrysler alliance could be the answer for Ratan Tata and his goal to sell the Nano in the United States.

Fiat and Tata share many joint ventures and Tata helps Fiat sell its car in India, Tata’s hometown. The two companies also share a giant factory in India and Tata helps Fiat develop a pickup truck.

Also, Sergio Marchionne has routinely said that he hopes to introduce a budget model in Fiat’s range of vehicles.

It seems like the Nano could come to the U.S. carrying a Fiat or Chrysler badge – but we wouldn’t count on it just yet.

Tata Nano:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: NYT