Toyota looking to boost 2010 Prius production

Toyota said today that it is considering revving up production of its 2010 Prius to meet better-than-expected demand, a move similar to the one Honda made when it launched its 2010 Insight hybrid in February.

“We are considering steps to increase production to meet demand,” Toyota spokesman Paul Nolasco said.

While this is good news for treehuggers or those that hate the Honda Insight, the news is a sigh of relief for workers involved with manufacturing Toyota vehicles. Toyota was among the first Japanese automakers to halt production earlier this year as demand was hit by the global financial crisis.

Toyota has confirmed that it has received over 80,000 orders for the 2010 Prius, which it rolled out earlier this month. The Japanese automaker declined to comment on reports that the number had jumped to 110,000.

The 2010 Toyota Prius is on sale no with prices starting at $21,750.

2010 Toyota Prius:


– By: Kap Shah

Source: Detroit News