Report: 2012 Lotus Esprit could get 500-hp V10 from the Lexus LF-A

We already know that the next-generation Esprit has been delayed to 2012 as Lotus gathers up some cash to put the car into production. So far, we’ve heard that the next Esprit will get a mid-mounted V8 unit – but now, word on the street is that the new Lotus Esprit could most likely get a high-revving 500-hp V10 engine from the Lexus LF-A.

Lotus has a relationship with Toyota that gives it access to the Japanese automaker’s range of technology, components and engines.

According to EVO, the next Lotus Esprit could be a £100,000 ($160,076 USD) supercar that will take on the likes of the Lamborghini Gallardo. A slightly more affordable version powered by the 417-hp 5.0L V8 from the Lexus IS-F is also possible with an entry-level model powered by a 300-hp Toyota V6.

Other than that, we may see a ‘green Esprit’ that will integrate lightweight engineering with fuel-saving technologies. Lotus has been quite outspoken about its interest in alternative fuels and hybrid solutions and rumor has it that Tesla could play a part in helping Lotus go green.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: EVO