Jaguar XF Diesel S Police-spec being tested by UK forces

Jaguar has just launched a high-performance Police vehicle based on the XF Diesel S model.

“Police forces are looking for vehicles that represent value for money, have good environmental credentials and deliver the power and performance required of a pursuit vehicle,” said Geoff Cousins, UK Managing Director for Jaguar Cars.

The first ever Police-spec XF is currently being evaluated by Police forces across the UK. Power comes from the 3.0L Diesel S engine making 275-hp with a parallel sequential turbocharger system. 0 to 60 mph comes in 5.9 seconds and fuel-economy figures are estimated at 42 mpg (35 mpg in U.S. terms).

The Jaguar XF Diesel S is on sale now with prices starting at £36,900.

Police-Spec Jaguar XF Diesel S:


2010 Jaguar XF Diesel S:


– By: The Daily Auto Editor