Live at Wörthersee 2009: 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI and 2010 Polo Concepts

At the 2009 Wörthersee Volkswagen unveiled two new concepts including a customized version of the 2010 Golf GTI and the 2010 Polo. The two concepts celebrate the arrival of the two new Volkswagen models.

Both models feature a firey-red color called “Firespark Metallic” and ride on 18 to 19-inch black/silver alloy wheels. Other modifications include smoked LED taillights, nappa leather trim seats and custom graphics.

Volkswagen says that the Polo Wörthersee concept hints at a future Polo GT, Polo G40 or Polo GTI.

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Live at Wörthersee 2009: Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept:




Live at Wörthersee 2009: Volkswagen Polo Concept:


– By: Kap Shah