Video: Bob Lutz shows David Letterman the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

As we told you earlier, maximum Bob Lutz was to appear on The Late Night Show with David Letterman last night. If you happened to miss Lutz’s appearance due to other circumstances, we’re posting the video of it right here.

– Lutz said consumers can expect to pay around $32,000 for the Chevrolet Volt after a $7,500 rebate form the U.S. government.
– While the Chevy Volt will “trickle into dealerships at the end of 2010,” real showroom availability is scheduled for 2011 (guess Nov. 2010 isn’t viable anymore).
– Lutz said that GM will build the Volt in the United States and will export it all over the world.
– Okay that’s enough Click through for the video.


– By: Omar Rana