GM continues working on HCCI diesel-like technology

Even with its June 1 deadline around the corner, General Motors continues to work on a new gasoline engine that runs like a more-efficient diesel unit. Known as the HCCI, the technology improves fuel-economy by 15 percent and releases fewer emissions – something that could help the future GM comply with the new proposed fuel-economy regulations announced by Obama.

HCCI, which stands for ‘homogenous charge compression ignition,’ works by igniting a mixture of air and fuel inside the engines cylinders and doesn’t use a spark-generated flame. The process uses less fuel and more air to generate power by using advanced technologies, direct injection, electric cam phasing, variable valve lift and cylinder pressure sensing.

While GM has been able to report a top speed of 60 mph with the HCCI in a Saturn Aura test-mule, there are still many challengers including controlling the process at high altitudes and high temperatures.

No word on when GM plans to have the HCCI technology ready but look for it sometime after the Chevrolet Volt.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoWeek