Ex-Chrysler executive Tom LaSorda to consult Penske on Saturn bid

Chysler’s ex-president has joined the Penske Automotive Group and will advise the company on a possible bid for General Motor’s Saturn brand, reports Automotive News. Penske Automotive spokesman Anthony Pordon confirmed that Tom LaSorda has been hired as a consultant on providing insight on the Saturn matter.

Tom LaSorda, 52, announced his retirement after Chrysler filed for bankruptcy protection on April 30th. Around the same time Penske Corp. Chairman Roger Penske confirmed that the company is studying the Saturn brand very closely.

LaSorda had left GM in 2000 to join Chrysler where he became CEO. He was replaced by Bob Nardelli in 2007.

GM, who is likely to face bankruptcy itself, is hoping to shed Saturn, Saab, Hummer and Opel before its government imposed June 1 deadline.

– By: Omar Rana