Rumor has it: Porsche working on a road-going version of the RS Spyder

Rumors coming from French sources say that Porsche is working on a production version of its LeMans winning RS Spyder. That’s right, soon enough you too can have a RS Spyder for the everyday road.

Sources say that Porsche is working on converting the ultra-lightweight, open cockpit LMP2 race-car to a limited-run road version that will become a two-seater. The car is almost being seen as a successor to the Carrera GT, which ended production in 2005.

What do you mean ‘almost?’ Well, instead of using the 630-hp V10 from the Carrera GT, Porsche will be using a 3.4L V8 making around 400-hp.

Nonetheless, the road-going-version of the RS Spyder should be pretty fast since it will weigh no more than 800kg (1,760 lbs)

– By: Kap Shah

Source: TopGear