Miscellaneous Thoughts: Popularity of Camaro a headache for GM, Chevy Cruze Safety Car causes crash, Saab confirms three bids

Here are some of today’s random findings from the editor’s desk here at egmCarTech.

Is the 2010 Camaro’s popularity causing GM headaches? Apparently, the popularity of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is causing GM executives some headaches. There is no doubt that the return of the muscle car has generated a huge fan base. GM has taken 18,000 firm orders for the Camaro and has even added a Saturday shift to Oshawa, Ontario, plant where the car is built. Nonetheless, the Camaro is raising some serious questions in Washington about GM’s product development plans. – Financial Times

Saab confirms three bidders, confident it will get more time to restructure: Saab said today that it is certain that the Swedish courts will give it more time to restructure. It confirmed it has narrowed its list of ten bidders to three. It said that one of the potential remaining bidders will acquire the brand by early summer.

Chevrolet Cruze Safety Car causes crash at FIA WTTC: During a race, safety cars are responsible to slow the pace of racers during a crash. However, at this weekend’s FIA WTTC race in Pau, France, the Chevrolet Cruze Safety Car was responsible for causing a crash; either way, it did slow down the pace of racers.

Click through to watch the video of the crash.


– By: Omar Rana