British Army buys 50 Toyota Prius units for non-deployable use

Toyota announced today that it has delivered a fleet of 50 Toyota Prius units to the British Army as it continues its mission to reduce emissions. The fleet will become a part of the White Fleet branch of the Headquarters Land Forces which manages 6,600 non-deployable administrative vehicles.

Brokered by the Army through its leasing partners VT Group and Lex Vehicle Leasing, the Prius which produces just 104 g/km of CO2 replaces 50 Vauxhall Vectras. The 50 Prius units are the Ministry of Defence’s biggest commitment to date to use hybrids.

The White Fleet said that it is determined to drive down CO2 emissions with further deals before 2011 to arrive at a figure well below 130g per km.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor