Fisker working on third Karma variant, planning high-volume model

Fisker Automotive has secured $85 million to build its new Karma plug-in hybrid sedan and has already lined up dealers to sell the car early next year. But what else does CEO Henrik Fisker have up his sleeve?

“We”re first doing the four-door and then we”re doing the convertible and then we”re planning some third derivative off the Karma platform. Then we”re planning a high-volume vehicle for a lower price. We”ve applied for a Department of Energy grant. If that loan comes through, we”ll have this vehicle on the road in 29 months,” Fisker said in an interview with the Oakland Press.

With the sedan and convertible already in the works, we’re thinking the third-model will most likely be a coupe.

As for the high-volumed vehicle with a lower price tag, it was recently reported that Fisker Automotive is working on a model that would be a step above the Chevrolet Volt, but much cheaper than the Karma.

Fisker Karma:


– By: Omar Rana

Source: Oakland Press