Report: Next BMW 1-Series, 3-Series to get turbocharged 3-cylinder engines

How low can you go? It seems like that those are the five words BMW lives by when planning future engine displacements. Recent reports suggest that BMW’s EfficientDynamics program is working on a new range of 3-cylinder gasoline engines for the next-generation 1-Series, 3-Series and the upcoming BMW Z2.

According to Sky Motoring, the new 3-cylinder engines will be turbocharged. Range-topping engines on the three mentioned models will be a 321-hp 1.8L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine.

The engines are currently under development and are about two years away from production.

Here”s a list of the new line-up:

x16i ““ 1.35L , 3-cylinder, 163-hp/140 lb-ft
x18i ““ 1.35L, 3-cylinder, 201-hp/162 lb-ft
x20i ““ 1.35L, 3-cylinder, 241-hp/192 lb-ft
x23i ““ 1.8L, 4-cylinder, 273-hp/220 lb-ft
x25i ““ 1.8L, 4-cylinder, 321-hp/258 lb-ft

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: SkyMotoring