Chrysler/Fiat vehicles in the U.S. will receive visual and engineering upgrades

The vehicles that will hit U.S. roads as a result of the Chrysler/Fiat alliance will need more than just visual upgrades. According to Jim Hall, an analyst from 2953 Analytics, with engineering upgrades to meet U.S. standards, it will take Chrysler/Fiat about 18 months to introduce vehicles on the stateside.

In its viability plan submitted to the U.S. Treasury in February, Chrysler said that six Fiat-based vehicles will come to the U.S. and will be sold as Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep models.

According to Automotive News, most of those models are expected to go on sale in 2012. Sources say that a group of 20 Fiat engineers were in Auburn Hills last week to start merging product developments.

– By: Kap Shah