GM may sell its Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky business

GM CEO Fritz Henderson said today that the automaker would be open to sell its Wilmington, Del., plant, which is responsible for manufacturing the Saturn Sky and the Pontiac Solstice. In a move that is similar to what Chrysler is doing with its Dodge Viper business, Henderson said that if a buyer wanted to sell those niche products, it would be open to selling the plant.

“If someone were to approach with a proposal that made good sense for our people, we’d be open to it,” Henderson said.

The Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky are both victims of GM’s restructuring plans with Pontiac to be killed by the end of 2010 and Saturn to be sold or shutdown by the end of 2009. The Delaware plant also produces the Opel GT, which is a rebadged version of the Saturn Sky.

All models are a front-engine, rear-wheel-driver sports car powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder unit making 260-hp.

Chrysler has been trying to sell Viper since last year.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: AutoWeek