Obama eliminates budget to develop hydrogen fuel-cell cars

President Barack Obama eliminated former President George W. Bush’s $1.2 billion plan to develop cars powered by hydrogen fuel-cells. The move wills save you, the taxpayers, a whopping $100 million annually.

“The probability of deploying hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in the next 10 to 20 years is low,” Energy Department spokesman Tom Welch told Automotive News.

According to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the Obama administration plans to target more immediate fuel-saving solutions.

Welch said that there is a large cost involved with developing infrastructures for hydrogen fueling stations for cars. He said that there are also huge technical obstacles to produce hydrogen and storing it in vehicle as a fuel-source.

President Obama’s fiscal 2010 budge proposal has $68.2 million for fuel-cell technologies, down form $169 million last year.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Photo Credit: Flickr by Pete Souza