En-Suite Sky Garage: Apartment comes with an elevator for your personal car garage

Recession – that word is probably not mentioned around 200 Eleventh Avenue in Chelsea. The owner of the building is offering its tenants the world’s first “En-Suite Sky Garage.” What the heck is that?

Basically, it’s an elevator that will raise you and your car to a personal garage adjacent to your expensive pad in Chelsea. The owner will drive up and into the elevator. The elevator is engineered to recognize your car and automatically take you up to your floor. Once the elevator opens its doors on your floor, you simply pull out and into your private little garage.

Cost of this luxury? $3 million, with a penthouse unit going for $17.5 million. Parking on the street has never sounded better to us.

You can check out a video of the En-Suite Sky Garage in action after the jump.


– By: Kap Shah

Source: Daily News (via KickingTires)