BMW Clever Concept: Project i considering three-wheel electric-vehicle

According to a report by iMotor, BMW’s Project i program could spawn two, three and four-wheeled vehicles that will be fun to drive as well as eco-friendly. BMW and Bath University have developed a three-wheeler concept called the Clever Concept. The Clever Concept runs on compressed natural gas and can go up to 60 mph.

A spokesman at BMW said that BMW as a number of options under consideration for its Project i program and “one the of proposals is something like the Clever Concept.”

“This would deliver the thrills of a motorcycle but, being a three wheeler, you wouldn’t have to wear a helmet to drive one,” he told iMotor.

The spokesman said that BMW continues to test the viability of its Mini E to make sure that it is “truly viable” and something that the customer would consider buying. He said that it could take at least 5 years until BMW has a production Project i car on the road.

BMW Clever Concept:


– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: iMotor (via AutoblogGreen)