Chrysler has plans to build Sebring and Avenger beyond 2010

Even though the Sterling Heights factory is scheduled to be shut down in 2010, Chrysler said that it will continue producing the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger models despite declining sales since the two models were re-launched.

“We have flexibility in our plants. We said [that] all along. You could build Sebrings and Avengers in Belvidere. I’m by no means trying to make a manufacturing statement. But we have plans for them beyond December 2010,” Chrysler spokesman, Rick Deneau, said in a phone interview with Edmunds Inside Line.

Only 6,956 Sebrings were sold during the first fourth months of 2009 compared to 35,787 during the same period last year. “Rivals” like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry have sold 84,491 and 92,523 units respectively.

Hopefully, along with their new business plan, Chrysler has some goal to getting rid of those “old school minivan” hood creases.

– By: Mohamed Eladawy

Source: Inside Line