Chrysler’s operations outside of N.A. not affected by bankruptcy or Fiat alliance

According to Thomas Hausch, Chrysler’s vice president of international sales, the company’s operations outside of the U.S. won’t be affected by its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing or its alliance with Fiat.

“Our organization outside the U.S. stays intact. It doesn’t go through a Chapter 11 or anything comparable,” Hausch told reporters in Dubai. “We have no plans to change any distributor contracts or do any major network changes,” he said.

Chrysler operates 1,550 dealers outside of its 3,800 dealership network in the United States. Chrysler will continue to build vehicles in its facilities in Egypt and Venezuela as North American production is halted for 30 to 60 days, reports Automotive News.

Hausch said that the Fiat alliance does not include any changes to Chrysler’s international dealerships, although the alliance could create gateways into new markets for both Fiat and Chrysler.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor