Chrysler bankruptcy documents reveal Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo MiTo coming to the U.S.

Chrysler’s bankruptcy documents reveal that the Fiat/Chrysler alliance would give Chrysler four vehicle platforms, two engines and two transmission families from the Italian automaker. The documents said that specific vehicles would include the Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo MiTo and the Milano 940.

The affidavit of Tom LaSorda, Chrysler’s vice chairman and president, said that access to Fiat’s technology and platforms is a critical part of the partnership between the two automakers. “Fiat would give Chrysler access to its 3.0-liter diesel engine and 1.4-liter gas engine technology, critical pieces for Chrysler to meet the new fuel economy standards,” LaSorda said.

“Chrysler and Fiat have identified four vehicle platforms and two engine and transmission families that can be used in the alliance,” said LaSorda. “Among those platforms are Fiat’s highly successful C-EVO platform, which Fiat and Chrysler have agreed to manufacture at one of Chrysler’s U.S. plants, and Fiat’s small car F500 and Fiat’s hatchback.”

LaSorda said that the shared technology and platforms will bring huge cost savings to Chrysler. He said that without Fiat, it would cost Chrysler nearly $8 billion to $10 billion to built four new platforms, two engines and two transmission families. Time wise, LaSorda said it would take Chrysler four to five years to achieve these goals.

By: Omar Rana

Source: Inside Line