Spotted! 2009 Ford Focus RS found hanging out in Michigan

Hermann Salenbauch, FoMoCo”s director of advanced product creation and global performance, said earlier last month that Ford is considering bringing the 2009 Ford Focus RS to the stateside. He said that the decision to sell the Focus RS in the U.S. depends on enthusiasts such as Focus SVT owners. According to our poll, the majority of you would love to buy the Focus RS.

However, some lucky Focus RS fan (or some Ford employee) in Royal Oak, MI. already has one.

Forum member Justin over at FocusFinatics spotted this Frost White 2009 Ford Focus hanging out on the side of some road in Royal Oak and was nice enough to take pictures.

In Justin’s words: “Just got home from dinner with the lady. I haven’t been on this forum in years, but when I saw this in Royal Oak I started getting all excited. She didn’t get it when I was taking pictures ‘Justin it’s just a Focus’

No lady it’s not just a Focus – it’s a 305-hp Focus.

2009 Ford Focus RS Spotted in the U.S.:



– By: Kap Shah

Source: FocusFinatics (via Jalopnik)