Video: Police find YouTube video of teen joy-riding Audi S4 at 155-mph

About a month ago, a teen from Middleton High School was cited for speeding and crashing his parents Audi S4. However, it wasn’t until a month later the teenager decided to post video footage of the high-seed run on YouTube showing the car’s speedometer reaching 155 mph. The teen now faces the district attorney about additional charges.

Dane County Sheriff said that the clip surfaced on YouTube showing the month old incident on a stretch of Highway 18-151 south of Verona.

The driver and passengers were not hurt in the crash. The teen now faces charges of reckless endangerment.

Of course we’ve learned a great deal from this matter. If you’re going to try to pull a high-speed stunt and show it off – make sure you don’t post it on YouTube for the world and the police to see.

Click through for the video – Kevin, Kevin, Kevin… Oh Shit!


– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Channel3000 (via Jalopnik)