Study: 63% of Americans have ‘positive perception’ of Ford

There has been a significant improvement in how the American people view FoMoCo ever since the automaker decided not to ask Washington for federal loans. According to an independent study conducted by Aloft Group Inc., 63 percent of U.S. consumers have a “positive perception” of FoMoCo.

The study said that prior to GM and Chrysler asking the government for bridge loans last fall, 41 percent of Americans had a positive perception of Ford.

“Changing consumers’ perception of a brand is typically a slow and uphill process,” said Aloft CEO Matt Bowen “This is very unusual in that this positive brand perception upswing occurred in a relatively short time frame and under intense global scrutiny of the auto industry.”

Alfot found that 33 percent of those surveyed said they will be more “willing to consider buying a Ford since Ford chose to not take the bailout money.” 24 percent believe that Ford does not need federal aid.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Detroit News