Holden looking to bring Pontiac G8 ST as a GMC, looking at Chevy and Cadillac for G8

“We are not going to give up on getting the Commodore into the US,” a Holden insider has told GoAuto. Holden has made it pretty clear that ever since GM announced the death of Pontiac,┬áit is doing all it can to not end Australian exports to the U.S.

Insiders say that ever since the death of Pontiac was announced, officials have been looking at different options that they are not able to discuss as of yet.

It is reported that Pontiac’s partnership with Holden was originally an unfortunate mistake. Apparently Bob Lutz fell in love with Monaro and thought it would a great vehicle to replace the Pontiac GTO. Eventually, that brought the Commodore to the U.S. as the G8.

For those of you still upset about the death of the Pontiac G8 ST (which was cancelled before the death of the brand since GM ran out of cash to market the car), Holden feels that the model could now perform well in the GMC range. Holden and GMC have already been working together on the Denali concept car, which was built by Holden in Australia.

Other options to continue Holden exports to the U.S. include Chevrolet. Currently, Holdens are sold as Chevrolets in the Middle East. Sources say that Holden could also supply Cadillac with rear-wheel-drive long and short wheelbase VEs.

Holden believes that there is clearly a high demand in the U.S. for its Commodore as a niche vehicle – and we definitely agree. GM sold a total of 2,939 units of the G8 in March despite cutting back on marketing.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: GoAuto