Chrysler: Fiat models coming to the U.S. within 18 months, overlapping models will be axed

Tom LaSorda, Chrysler’s soon to be retired vice chairman, said today that Fiat-based Chrysler vehicles could be sold in the U.S. in as little as 18 months. Outgoing CEO Bob Nardelli said that the Chrysler and Fiat alliance will bring the Auburn Hills automaker a “much broader portfolio of products.”

“We’ve done a lot of pre-work in terms of homologations and emissions,” LaSorda said. “Eighteen months is practical. Three years is fundamentally wrong. We can do it faster.”

Chrysler’s President Jim Press said that the automaker will eliminate some current models that will overlap new vehicles. He did not say which vehicles will get the ax.

Chrysler has not yet said which Fiat products will make their way to U.S. dealerships or where they will be produced.

So far, what we do know is that Fiat is considering bringing the 500 minicar to the U.S. by next year. On Wednesday, the UAW said that a major reason for it to agree to new concessions was a commitment from Fiat to “produce a new small car in one of Chrysler”s U.S. facilities.” 

Can we please get the Alfa Romeo MiTo?

– By: Kap Shah

Source: Inside Line